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Fearless United States Promoter

I am the United States promoter for Fearless Woman MMA. I wear many hats; I am a business owner, a competitor, and a fearless woman. I am a native to San Diego and first generation Mexican-American. 

 At 16 years old, a friend of mine asked me to try Jiu Jitsu. I had a month free until I needed to focus on school again so that I could be accepted into UCSD. As the years went by and I graduated from college, I was still fond of combat sports. It was a part of my soul, and it made me tough and disciplined in character.

Two years ago, I helped create an all-women’s MMA league in Mexico. I became the face of my company and helped inspire many young girls to continue believing in themselves as fighters too, regardless of having family support or not. I started helping many female Mexican fighters obtain their visas to cross over and fight in American MMA promotions. Meanwhile, Fearless Woman MMA grew and developed the reputation of being the MMA league to work with U.S. fighting companies. On September 2019, Fearless Woman MMA will make its international debut as the first all-women’s MMA league and event in San Diego, California. Fearless Woman MMA will not only help Mexican women, but all women in Northern America and eventually the world, in order to find more opponents to fight instead of fighting the same ones over and over again. Fearless Woman MMA aims to encourage women to FIGHT and “stand up for what you dream… Be FEARLESS!”



Fearless Mexico Promoter

Owner of Tactical Fight Academy in Mexico, City, Mexico.



Assistant to the Regional Manager

"Not an influencer, just a bad influence and a talented mother f@#cker."

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